February 2017 ~ Living In The NOW By Joe Weaver

Hello All, It is easy to see what is continuing to feed the collective EGO, simply look for what is popular and has the biggest following. I will save you just give your power away to me. Use this symbol or drug and it will heal you. However the truth is we are our own […] Read more


When Things Get REAL ~ January 2017 ~ Joe Weaver

Hello My Friends, Happy living in the NOW of 2017! I uploaded this years New Earth review and update video a few days ago. One of the main messages I have received over and over again these past months is that 2017 is when things “GET REAL”. Currently I don’t know exactly what this means […] Read more


November 2016 ~ Living In The NOW Update By Joe Weaver

Hello My Friends, Here is something to ponder. The only difference between us here in this dimensional level and the angelic realms is that we are physically able to process the energy that exists in this space. This is the reason why we incarnated here physically in the NOW, to assist in processing the energy and […] Read more


October 2016 ~ Living In The NOW Update By Joe Weaver

Hello My Friends, Here is something I shared recently on Facebook about the political circus we are experiencing in the USA. “We keep asking who do you/we choose? The thing we have to realize is we don’t have to choose anyone IF we start taking responsibility for our collective existence together. We do not need […] Read more


Opening The Portals With Joe Weaver ~ October 23, 2016 ~ Raleigh, North Carolina

Opening The Portals With Joe Weaver The Sagewood Center ~ Raleigh, North Carolina Sunday October 23, 2016 12:00 – 2:00pm ~ $36.00 The transformational energies of Mahatma love assists with opening the pathways to your multi-dimensional awareness. In addition by grounding the energies of Mahatma through the Earths energetic vortexes assists Mother Earth greatly as […] Read more


September 2016 ~ Living In The NOW Update By Joe Weaver

Hello my friends, we had an awesome time in the last 13D New Paradigm Course. As always there were a lot of new experiences for me personally, expanded energies flowing through. In addition Information related to what options we have before us in the NOW and how the choices we are making today are effecting […] Read more

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August 2016 ~ Living In The NOW Update By Joe Weaver

Hello My Friends, As some of you may have noticed I changed the title of my monthly newsletters from “New Earth Transition” to the “Living In The NOW” update. The main reason for this change is that I can currently see that within the NOW the New Earth already exists, it’s just a matter of […] Read more

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