Intuitive Life Coaching & Energy Therapy Sessions

Would you like some assistance with navigating through the changes that are currently taking place in your life and aligning to a greater degree with your inner harmony and balance? These personal one-on-one sessions will assist you in experiencing more inner peace, harmony, balance, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.

The program is designed to assist with:

Physical health and well being.
Relieving stress, anger, fear and frustration.
Acclimating to the energies of the New Paradigm of Earth.
Relationships with your family, work and collective world.
Greater centeredness and alignment within the present moment.
Increased frequency of your individual vibration/light quotient.
Clarity and focus in meditation and in your life.
Stronger connection with your divine higher/IAM Self.
Comprehending your intuitive abilities and how you receive information.
Deciphering and decoding your dreams.
Alignment and knowingness of your divine plan.
The relationship you have with your 5-body system: physical, mental, emotional, astral and spiritual.

Each session is specifically tailored for you and may include:

Guided meditations and affirmations designed to assist you with your own clearing, inner peace, harmony, balance and integration.
Mastering your thoughts and reprograming addictive patterns and habits.
A plan for detoxing the physical body that will assist in releasing the chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, as well as cleansing the lymphatic system, boosting immunity and increasing your metabolism.
Techniques for releasing stress, fear, anger and the voice of the ego.
Overall assistance with comprehending the changes that are currently taking place on Earth and within your life.
Techniques for sustaining your vibrance and energy around other people and at work.
Suggestions for raising the vibration of energy in your home environment and where you sleep.
An evaluation and reconciliation of the energetic contracts and agreements tied to this life, past lifetimes and ancestral heritage.

The remote energy therapy treatment sessions are in-depth. They clear and align your energetic systems to the fullest extent in alignment with your divine will. Each session lasts for approximately 12 hours and through the evening while you sleep.

Additional details:

The sessions are available worldwide via phone,Skype or google hangout.
These sessions are not a substitute and do not replace the work we do in the New Paradigm MDT seminar courses.
Once payment is made you will be contacted to setup the date and time of your session.
If you have any question please email

First time clients sign up for a 90 minute intuitive life coaching and remote energy therapy session $144.00
First time clients click here to pay

Follow up sessions are $72.00 for 60 minutes.
For follow-up sessions click here to pay

A profound sense of peacefulness...

During my sessions with Joe I experienced a profound sense of peacefulness and love which allowed me to move into higher states of my multi-dimensional being and also quieted the spasms that often wreck my body many times a day. This effect lasted for weeks afterwards.

I should tell you that I am a person living with ALS. I am in the final stages of this disease and during our sessions I caught a glimpse of what lies ahead of all of us as we pass into our multi-dimensional beingness. However, you don't have wait till you are near death; sieze your birthright now. I believe this is Joe's message too now. Let's ascend!

Kathleen A. (Raleigh, North Carolina)


Joe Weaver is an intuitive life coach, wayshower, and worldwide facilitator of New Paradigm MDT. He provides tools and resources that assist with your life journey, remembrance, health and well being.
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“It is through our own personal transformation we transform the world!”

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