February 2017 ~ Living In The NOW By Joe Weaver


Hello All,

It is easy to see what is continuing to feed the collective EGO, simply look for what is popular and has the biggest following. I will save you just give your power away to me. Use this symbol or drug and it will heal you. However the truth is we are our own saviors and create lasting healing for ourselves through the process of remembering who we are. If you come in contact with something that is not aligned with Oneness and self empowerment, then it’s up to you/us to decide and choose. To build your inner discernment that aligns with your eternal knowingness instead of the EGO. Do you/we wish to continue living in illusion or BE the living examples of change that assists and promotes collective transformation? This is something we each have to remind ourselves in these days of massive change. Most of the time us humans do not change unless we are confronted with a situation or experience that changes our perspective or outlook on reality. The perceived chaos in the world today is only a sign of our collective evolution out of the old and into the new. So don’t allow the rise and fall of the collective ego distract you.

As someone once wrote humor and nonviolence is the key when dealing with the established system of the old paradigm. As long as the people are divided the old will continue to reign, it is that simple. Let’s release the stereotypes and labels that are tied into separation. such as liberal, republican, conservative, black, white, orange or brown. In this moment we are ONE with everything. We have always been ONE and will always be ONE. Acting separate will not change the fact of our Oneness.

For all that are interested check out my most recent video meditation. It is a very simple example on how to release the separation and merge with your multi-dimensional self.

Love zapps to all,
Joe Weaver

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Joe Weaver is an intuitive life coach, wayshower, and worldwide facilitator of New Paradigm MDT. He provides tools and resources that assist with your life journey, remembrance, health and well being.
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