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This post is an addition to the talk and phone meditation from last month on 12/21/11. See link below to listen to this.

The more we are One with our Self the more we are One with the Universe and All That Is. We could look at this in a different way and say when we are One with the flow of change we are One with All That Is also. Because “change” is the nature of Creation. It is ever evolving, learning and transforming. The collective mind is “us” and “we” are the One that is doing the learning and evolving. We are like a swarm of Bees acting and working together as One. All originating from One Source that has many levels within it’s own Self. For the most part however most people within this dimension are currently unaware that we move and are evolving as One. There are many scientists who are currently figuring this out and soon more information will be available to the collective about this. However we don’t need science to tell us who we are or simply take this information on as a belief. Beliefs are illusions and are created by the levels within ourself that do not know the real truth. There is nothing to believe other than to describe something that we truly do not “know” about. We can learn and experience the real truths about ourselves on a personal level by exploring the levels of consciousness within our own Being. As I mentioned at the beginning, the more we are One with our Self the more we are One with All That Is. You can call or label the “All That Is”, what ever you like. The collective All One is our expanded Self and we have the choice to experience any level of the Self we wish. We just have to personally consciously “do it” and “be it” in order to experience it. We can experience the part of us that lives in illusion or the part that is aware of it’s collective presence. The choice lies within each of us. The more people that “do” become more aware of our collective presence. It changes the frequencies and dynamics of the collective mind of our expanded Self. Just like a hive a bees that communicates and sends signals through the hive to each other. The majority of our communications with one another are non-verbal. Once we as a collective become more aware of this and start acting like a community of All One. Living together in peace and harmony and in service to each other. We will be a more intelligent collective consciousness. We will then have the opportunity to collectively experience other levels within the expanded Self of Creation. Other realities that require collective cooperation and responsibility in order to exists there. This is what some people are calling the New Earth.

It is very easy to allow separation to exist within our perception when viewing things through the eyes of duality. Duality in itself is the conscious “illusion” of separation. It is not the separation of physical matter but from what point of reference this matter is viewed from. The truth is there is no separation within the Universe, all is One. Just as each planet within the Universe is an individual mass of matter with it’s own consciousness. Each planet is connected and works together in synchronistic rhythm with all the rest. When one changes orbit or frequency it affects all within the Universe. All is connected not just in relation to physical matter such as with the planets and or our physical bodies but also the non-matter levels of energy and consciousness. It is all tied together. All exists within and amongst it’s own Self. We are each just a part of the whole. The only separation that does exist is within the levels of our own consciousness. This is why it is called illusion because it is only the “consciousness” that views itself separate from the whole.

There is no denying that there are many fields of energies that exist within the Universe and beyond. Most people will agree to this to some degree. However it is a choice to view these levels and energies from the dualistic view. Duality within your own personal view does not have to exist. It only exists because you choose to live your life from this view and are holding onto it. When viewing reality from one side of the dualistic view an opposing force will always be present and be applied.

The collective body of humanity is evolving in form and consciousness. With any body of Being we might have cells within us that do not want to be One with our own Self. A cancer cell within our own physical body would be an example of this. The cancer cell does know it is acting individually against the Self. The point is when looking at things from a collective view. Individually we have the choice to be One with the collective body or choose to act separate within it. All relates to frequency and conscious vibration. Which could also be called our Light quotient. Individually we have a Light quotient and collectively we have a Light quotient. I guess it could also be viewed as our love quotient. How we live and the choices we make determines our Light/love quotient. How responsible we are for our own Creations and how much of our own love we have integrated and shared. So the determining factor of whether or not we evolve into a higher intelligence and get to experience another realm within Creation depends on us. Individually if we have not learned to connect with our own love or IAM God Self. We will have more time to do this until we have mastered the dualistic energies and become more One with Self. There is no vengeful God that separates humanity by the choices of his beliefs. There is no judgment. The weights and measures of Creation are determined by vibration and frequency.

Releasing all fears and living in Love is the key. Live it, Be it and you will see and experience it! Love and fear cannot exist within the same space. Love is the eternal Light of All That Is. It is the constant frequency of life force energy that flows through every corner of the Universe and Galaxy. That exists within all elements. When we are One with love we are One with Self and in the flow of change/ascension. So if you wish to be more aligned with the change/ascension and the New Earth. Simply release all of your fears and illusions of separation from all One. Make the conscious choice to do this and state this through your own hearts. There is no better time then right now to release all fears and live free in love.

Being the center of the Universe – Phone Meditation 12.21.11

Love & peace to all………
Namaste, Joe

Be the change you wish to see in the World.

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